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Mini Home Party Pack - Floral & Rose Gold Foil (up to 1- people)

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Yes COVID-19 has changed how we party for the moment. But the CELEBRATION doesn't have to stop.

You can still enjoy a mini party at home. Whether you are celebrating time together as a mini family, a virtual party or a milestone. These will still make your day special.

This pack is perfect for:

  • Home parties with your ISO mini family.
  • Anyone having a Virtual party- send these out with a cookie or thank you note so they celebrate with you.
  • Use leftovers to make other party decorations. Or use it for tea parties to break up the day with your kids.
  • Not worrying about doing the dishes afterwards- seriously with everything else going on, tick that one. 
  • Prefer to use more environmentally friendly options. There are no plastic items here. The plates, cups, paper and napkins are made of quality paper. The cutlery made from Birchwood and biodegradable. The balloons are also biodegradable, so put a pin in those balloons and pop into the bin when you are done!

Because I want you to enjoy those special moments, even in these crazy times.

Pack Includes:

      • 1 set of Floral & Rose Gold Foil Large Plates 9" (23cm) diameter
      • 1 set of Floral & Rose Gold Cups 9oz (300ml)
      • 1 set of Floral and Rose Gold Luncheon Napkins
      • 1 set of Birchwood cutlery set for 10 people:
        • Forks- 15.5cm
        • Knives - 16.5cm
        • Spoons - 15.5cm
      • 1 x 10 Floral tones balloons. Biodegradable Rubber Latex Balloons 28cm - in assorted satin pink, satin blue, metallic rose and white. Sold uninflated - assembly required.