About Us

Hey there! I’m Virginia. Wife, mum of one, aunt of 4, and Godmother of 6. And, I love parties, I always have. Any kind of party.
Parties are about having fun and creating some great memories to look back on. As a child I’ve made so many memories that make me smile or giggle, even now. As an adult my love of parties hasn’t waived, especially since my niece and daughter - who are the bestest of friends- came along. I love to plan and gather special items for their birthdays.
But these days not everyone has the time to plan and gather all the goodies to make their party special. That's where I come in, well me and The Party Pack Co. I have spent the time to curate party kits- think of it like a party in a box, all ready for you to buy and have it delivered to you. No more running around trying to find matching plates and napkins or trying to decide "do gold straws or pink work best with these plates?" You get your time back whilst still putting together a party that looks amazing. Win, win right?
But it doesn't stop there. I didn't just want to provide you a one stop shop for party tableware. One of the common time wasters party planning can take is the 'other' stuff. You know, party favours, games, dessert accessories. So I have created packs for these too. Plus I have dusted off my graphic design skills and combined them with my experience as an English Teacher, to create fun activity booklets to help keep the kids entertained. Or you could use them as a great 'Thank you' gift alternative.
Have any other questions? Please send me an email and I promise not to ignore you- Trust me I hate that too.

Otherwise happy shopping and I hope your party is amazing!

Photo: Elysium Photography

Okay so why should I be a Party Pack Co customer?

Well, apart from loving parties, de-stressing the party planning process for you, curating special items and creating some in-house goodies for you to create all those beautiful memories with. We do have 3 main goals.

1. To give you your time back when party planning, through our pre-packaged party packs. Each suited to different styles, themes or needs.

2. To curate and create fun and great looking products from local artists and suppliers, including myself. So you not only have something that looks amazing, you get "ooh" or "oh wow" moment to help create beautiful memories. 

3. To, where we can, be environmentally conscious by using environmentally friendly products and procedures. This is something that will evolve as we do. We want to create and stock beautiful items and striking a balance between that and ethical choices can be tricky. But the party industry is starting to move more towards that, which is fantastic, and we want to be a part of that.