Summer is here, meaning outdoor parties and get together's are heating up. The BBQ gets a clean up, the pool levels are checked and offers to ‘come over’ are lighting up phones. 

Sometimes it’s perfect cocktail weather, but you may have kids or adults who can't enjoy a traditional cocktail. Personally, before I had my daughter and was not breastfeeding, I loved a nice Mojito or Rum on the rocks on a weekend with friends. But now that really isn’t an option.

So I felt it would be a great idea to share some of my go to mocktails to enjoy during the summer. These are great for anyone who wants to sit back and enjoy the day without worrying about alcohol, even kids can drink these- with parent consent of course. 


non alcoholic mojito

Let’s start with my favourite go to. For those who like something fresh and a dash of sour, you will love this easy summer mocktail. Made with lime, sugar, mint, club soda and a lot of ice, you will see why it’s a summer favourite. Try this easy recipe from mother and daughter team at Cooking with Ruthie here 


Ok this is technically a traditional Spanish Wine, with soaked stone fruit. But it is a great summer drink and this Virgin Sangria will be a crowd pleaser as it requires real fruit.
I love this recipe from Wall Flower Kitchen as it has no added sugar. I also try to squeeze my own juice where possible- but that's totally up to you. Find the recipe here

Virgina Pina Coladas

Virgin Pina Colada
The word ‘Pina Colada’ means Strained Pineapple in Spanish and is considered the National drink for Puerto Rico. It is a popular summer cocktail that makes you feel like your’re sitting on the beach breathing in that fresh sea air. 
To make this mocktail recipe, you will need a good blender that works with ice. What I love about Oh So Delicioso's recipe is that it has some really handy tips to make this mocktail amazing. It also talks about the importance of quality ingredients. So if you can, get the good stuff. 
If you want this tropical mocktail (that kids like, because as my niece said "it's a fancy milkshake.") head over here.

Watermelon Fizz

Watermelon Fizz mocktail recipe
Summer in Australia can be defined not only by it's weather and activities but by the fruit that we find in abundance. One of the bigger summer players is the watermelon. So of course one of my go to mocktails has to the Watermelon Fizz by Home Grown Provisions. 
It is super easy and refreshing. Plus this recipe allows for you to make be or small batches by doing the 'math' for you already. YAY!
I would also like to point out they do warn against using kombucha if you have pregnant or breastfeeding women as guests. As kombucha has alcohol - less than 1%. I would play it safe - remember not all pregnant women announce their good news the minute they find out. so I'd just use the sparkling water alternative instead.
Grab the handy tips and recipe here.

Peach Bellini

Non-alcoholic Peach Bellini
You will always find a good Bellini on the list of any decent Italian restaurant cocktail list. Did  you know it originated from Venice, Italy? 
This super easy and delicious virgin Bellini is perfect for Australian summer's. Not only is it refreshing, it uses peaches which are in season here from October right through till April! Sur la Table's recipe is great for a large batch. A great non-alcoholic cocktail for everyone on a hot day by the pool. Find it here. 


So there yo have it. My top 5 favourite mocktails. They are super easy, taste amazing and make any host look fabulous for catering for everyone.
I would love to hear which ones you have tried and loved below.

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