Top 3 Easy and fun snacks to have an 'Afternoon Tea' with your family.

Like many of you, I am spending more of my days at home with my family. Working while trying to keep my toddler entertained and engaged and if you have school aged kids you are homes schooling - especially in Victoria, this year have been a tough one to say the least!


There is a silver lining. We will never get the time to spend with our families at home all together like this again. Eventually, we will venture back to our jobs, or look for new ones and that big wheel will start turning again. 

SO. With that in mind, and school holidays starting, there is another way to entertain the kids this school break without venturing into common holiday spots and crowds.

Stay home and have a TEA PARTY with your family instead!

Yep. DO IT!

And to make it even more special, why not create these easy recipes and enjoy the moment. Because when that wheel starts up again, it may be a while before we can slow down and just enjoy.


So having a Tea party. Get some fun tableware out. I don't mean the fancy crystal- especially with toddlers eek! I mean why not use some gorgeous party plates and cups? Plus side? No cleaning and stacking the dishwasher later. If you need a mini party pack try ours here.

Now what to eat?

1. Fruit kebab

Honestly, it's simple to create. Healthy. And kids LOVE it! Especially if you have a cookie cutter and create fun shapes from some of the fruits like Watermelon.

2. Chocolate Sticks

Super easy and fun for the kids to help you make. just buy some bread sticks, dip them in your choice of melted chocolate, then the FUN bit. Dip it in some fun covering. Try hundreds and thousands, desiccated coconut, roasted nuts- if safe to do so. Or just leave it plain.

Afternoon tea snacks chocolate sticks


3. Lamingtons 

A classic Aussie cake and divine when made right. It honestly is in my top 3 cakes to eat. I'm lucky, or not depending, that I have a corner baker who makes THE most fluffiest and freshest lamingtons. But if you don't have a corner baker like mine, nor the time to make it from scratch, I have a hack for you!

  1. Square sponge from the shops. Cut into smaller squares.
  2. Nutella = spread that all over the sponge squares. ( if you have more time, melt some chocolate in the microwave and cover the square sponges in the melted chocolate)
  3. Roll that chocolately goodness in shredded coconut (unsweetend is my preference, as you already have the chocolate)
  4. Leave to cool in the fridge for about 15 mins.

BOOM! Homemade lamington!

There you have it. 3 easy and fun snacks to make an afternoon a little more magical and special. If you don't want to actually drink tea, make their favourite drink. Or try iced water with fruit slices, like oranges. Remember you are using the 'fancy' cups so it will really seem like a treat for them. If you needed some fancy tableware, shop our Mini Stay at Home Packs, perfect for these kinds of days right here.

Hope you give yourself the time and the OK to just relax for an arvo with the family. It's definitely something your kids will appreciate and remember a long time from now.

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