How to Plan a Spring Carnival or Melbourne Cup Party

So it’s that time of the year again. No I’m not talking about the one with presents and people go insane trying to shop for said presents, having to go to obligatory family and office parties against our will.

I’m talking about that other event that sense people batty. You know, horse racing season! Particularly Spring Carnival and Melbourne Cup and all the fun and fancy parties leading up to the big race. 

Which makes it a completely valid excuse to get your fellow queens together for an afternoon of champs, laughter and maybe a horse bet. Where to start? Well, this Party Pack Planner guide has you set up with our “How to plan a Spring Carnival or Melbourne Cup party for your gal pals.”.

The Set Up

First up, you are going to need tableware, some decorations and cutlery. I have you covered right here with our Floral Essential Party Pack. You can even formally invite your tribe with the invite. Download + Print. Done! 

It comes with all your basic party need in beautiful pink, blue and a hint of lilac florals. Accented with rose gold foiling for that extra party glam. Our balloons also come with a balloon pump to make life easier - seriously who has time to waste on blowing up balloons when you could be sipping bubbles?!

Shop the Essential Pack Here.

The Food

You don’t want to be slaving in the kitchen but some boring dips and crackers also won’t make it a party to remember. Why not get a platter made up for you?! 

These amazing platters by Platter Up Co are not only divine, you can get dessert ones too! Another advantage is, for those in your tribe that might have food intolerance/allergies or otherwise, her platters cater for gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegetarians and vegans. That way no one feels left out. Can you say “Best host ever”?! 

Shop the delicious Platter Up Co. here 

Fit for a Queen

Look, whatever you and your best female pals like to call yourselves; tribe, gal pals, BFFs, village. Ultimately one of the best things about race days is dressing up like the Queens we are! 

Now whilst we know all about the fashion and headpiece competition, we don’t need to compete with each other. But why not have some fun looking fab in these stunning floral crowns by Hanging Pretty? And the best thing, they are each handmade out of paper but look just like the real thing! So you can keep it and wear it for any other spring/summer event. 

Get in contact to order your Hanging Pretty floral crown here.

 Party Games

If you need a couple of activities to try while waiting for the race to start why not try these:

  • Horseshoe Quoits: Simple enough, players aim their horseshoe at a set of vertical pins about 4 meters away. The player with the most horseshoes around the pins wins.
  • Pin the Tail on the Horsey: Basically, exactly like the game played at our birthdays and kids birthdays all over Australia. Blindfold on, spin around ten times and try to pin the tail onto a picture of a horse correctly. I might suggest this is done before too much drinking has started.
  • Melbourne Cup Trivia: This is fun in pairs or small teams. Don’t make it too long as you just want to keep it fun, fast and lighthearted.
  • Hat Making Competition: Although you will already have your fabulous Floral Crowns, get your crafty game on by setting up some supplies like; glue, crayons, craft paper, pom poms, feather’s, odd pieces of tulle or fabric etc on a table. Players have 2 mins to create an amazing hat for a fashion parade!
  • Fashion Parade: Umm, refer to above!
  • Sweep Stakes: An oldie, but a goodie. Get everyone to randomly choose their horse out of a hat - maybe the winning hat of the fashion parade.

  • Party Tunes

    Every party needs some music to keep the atmosphere flowing and technology is amazing for this. Just select a pre-made playlist like this from Spotify: The Park - Melbourne Cup Carnival 2019 by FlemingtonVRC.

    Sweet Endings

    Look you can’t have a party without some kind of sweet something to finish it off. While I always like to quote  Julia Child’s “a party without a cake is just a meeting”, this might be one of those occasions you may not want to worry about having to cut and serve the cake. Especially after those bubbles. So why not have some amazing desserts that easily fit in one hand. 

    I couldn’t just add one- because even though I am not “medically” allowed to have too much sugar- something about insulin… Doesn’t mean YOU have to miss out. 

    So because I want to live vicariously through you, try these:

    Cave Cookies

    Cookies are all the rage now, but what about this gorgeous dress cookie to add to your Melbourne Cup party glam?! The plus side? Well... it's double sided, see what I did there ;) 

    These cookies are a perfect balance between cookies and enough sweetness that you can enjoy more than one. 

    Shop Cave CookiesHere.

    The Ultimate Food Co

    These taste as divine as they look. Perfect bubbly companion and they fit perfectly in one hand.

    Order your yummy goodies from The Ultimate Food Company here.

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