How to Host a Virtual Easter Party

Easter is normally a time when families come together, eat lots of loving prepared food, hunt for eggs and possibly fall asleep on the couch filled with all things delicious.

Now with everyone having to stay home to keep everyone we love safe, Easter will feel a little different. But that doesn’t mean you have to FEEL isolated. You can still celebrate Easter with a VIRTUAL PARTY!

So what do you need to host a virtual party? Let me help you.

Hosting a Virtual Party

Where to host your party? I would suggest Zoom. It was created to run meetings and conferences, so can manage larger groups in one space. You can even record the ‘meeting’. Plus it’s free! 

Then agree on a time to “start the party”


Still have all your Easter tableware and decorations up. And to make it more fun, why not have all the kids create their Easter Ears Hat beforehand so they can wear and compare their ears. Access your FREE template here.

Food, Glorious Food

Still create delicious food, but keep it simple. For appetizers you could go for things like:

    • Homemade Sweet Potato Hummus, try this yummy recipe at The Integrative Mum here.
    • Antipasto platters are always easy and a winner: A selection of your favourite cured meats, cheeses, some fruit, olives or other pickled vegetables are a great way to gather family.
    • Parmesan Chips, grab the recipe from Foodfetti here.

For the main, also keep it simple but with some fun. Mix things up by doing something like hotdogs or hamburgers with a special homemade sauce. Or even a delicious slow cooked beef like this below.

For Foodfetti’s recipe, click here

Dessert. Ok, most people have lots of ideas’ for this one. But if you do get stuck try these:

    • Peppermint Bliss Balls. Great for an ‘after dinner mint’ alternative. For a healthier version try The Integrative Mum’s recipe here. This recipe is so easy and quick you could actually make them together before lunch starts. A nice family activity to do together- even if you're only separated by a screen.
    • Cupcakes! You could have a cupcake decorating activity. Or create a Easter Special Cooking Show for the relatives and have the kids make and later decorate the cupcakes as though they are famous celebrity bakers. You can get cupcake kits from Bake Believe, which comes with everything you need here.


      Easter Egg Hunt! You can’t celebrate without a hunt! But of course you need a twist.

        • Everyone goes off and tries to find as many hidden eggs in 3 mins. The winner is the one with the most.
        • Or Have each member of the house only allowed to collect one colour of eggs. So mum might be restricted to red eggs, dad- green, eldest sibling = silver, next sibling = gold etc.
        Other Easter games: Why not have each household in charge of 1 game or activity to run. Here are some suggestions.
          • Why not have a musical statues? Spotify has an Easter playlist for kids here.
          • Jelly bean guessing game. Fill a glass jar with jelly beans- remember to count them all first. Have everyone guess how many are in there. The closest wins!
          • If you have grandparents around, have them read an Easter story (if they don’t have one, maybe a copy of one of their favourite kids stories) It will make them feel involved and the kids get a story to remember.
          • Easter Bingo! There are a few free ones and it’s a game everyone can participate in.
          • Easter Charades. Again this game isn’t limited with a virtual party. One household can be the ‘player’ and the rest must guess. Just make sure someone is keeping an ear out for the right answer.
          • How about downloading some games or activities to play together. Try our Easter printables here

          All Good Things Come to an End.

          Wrapping up the party is totally up to you. You can set a time limit such as a 2 hour Virtual Easter Party. This is great for those with younger kids who still need nap times. If you feel everyone is still having fun then play it by ear. There should still be some cut off time- that way if you do god over it, it might be a good opportunity to start winding things down before goodbyes.

          So you see it can be done! And why not, we all still need human connection on some level. I hope you will give it a try. Let me know if you do!

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