Party Hacks: How to DIY a Napkin Tassel Garland in 4 Easy Steps.

Today I had my first live video on Instagram, showing you how to use the extra napkins in our tableware packs to create your own paper tassel garlands. 

So now I will show you step by step how to make your own paper tassel garland. I have to say these are super cute and so easy. So let's get started!


  • Baker's twine- or any string. I had some Baker's twine lying around. You can also use fancier twine if you like.
  • Napkins - our packs come with 25 napkins. So even if you have 10 people at your party, you have 15 to use for this. PERFECT! I have chosen Illume Partyware's Pink and Peach- you can find it in our packs or sold individually.
  • Scissors.


Make sure the fold of the napkin is at the top. You DON'T want to cut into it.

Then cut strips, about 1 cm thick, but stop short two finger widths from the fold line.

Your strips don't need to be perfect. It does look better with smaller generally even strips than thick uneven, but cut to your liking.

You will end up with cute fringe looking napkin like this.


Open up your napkin an place your twine/string along the fold line. Then fold the napkin back over the twine. Don't cut the end off yet.

You can adjust where the tassel is later. A tip here is to give your self some extra string so the tassel can't 'fall off' the end.


Pinch the string together and with your other hand, scrunch the top of the napkin, just above the cuts, and pinch between your fingers like below.


Use a smaller piece of twine to tie the napkin in place - where you have pinched it. 

You may want to use a nicer string or even left over ribbon and tie a cute bow.


That's it! No need for glue, sticky tape that gets stuck where you don't need it. Simply repeat the 4 steps above and keep adding your napkin tassels. If you want some variation, turn the napkin around like below.


Open up the napkin. Then fold in half like so.

Then fold over again. This will create a new fold line.

You can see the colour gradient, instead of starting at the top pink and going down to peach, it now starts pink right and ends in peach left.

The gold foil dots are also not along the new fold line like before. 

Simply start Steps 1-4 again. Then repeat until you use all the napkins. You may also want to use old similar colours like I have with the pink.

Once done you can adjust the spacing of the tassels as you like. pop them up somewhere pretty and done! Extra tassel garlands to add to your party AND it fits perfectly with your tableware.

Let me know how you go with your tassel garlands. Happy party hack planning!

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