10 Fun Ways to Wrap Presents this Christmas

It's safe to say that this year, many of us are actually grateful to see Christmas trees and gift guide's popping up hailing the end of a very difficult year.

For many, this Christmas will feel very different. If you (like our family) will be having a lighter Christmas, you will be looking for ways to still keep the fun and create moments we will all remember. In a positive way. 

One of the ways our family enjoys the lead up to Christmas is creating unique gift wrapping. It can be as involved or as simple as you please - even if you are not creatively inclined. 

These gift wrapping ideas are also a great way to get kids involved and excited about giving the gift, rather than just receiving gifts.

Who knows, maybe some of these will be so much fun you could make them a part of your Christmas tradition!

Let’s Begin!

Stamp It!

Potato stamp Christmas gift wrap creative kids party pack co

A great one for kids aged from toddlers and up to help out with. Simply find a Stamp, some paint and away you go. Or if you like, Bang on Style has a great tutorial and ideas on how to use potato stamping for your Christmas wrap- right here.

Interactive Wrap

Unique paper wrap ideas the party pack co

Why not use this interactive technique and change the confetti for Christmas themed confetti, of if you have a paper punch in the shape of a reindeer, Santa etc make your own paper confetti! Head over to Mini Eco to see how it's done here.

Brush It!

Party Pack Co gift wrapping ideas

Why not get a paint brush or to and using different techniques', you can create fun and chic gift wrap. See the details from Almost Makes Perfect here.

The Animal Lover

If your kids are a little older, love animals and enjoy a bit of paper creation, these Christmas Animals by Think Make Share are perfect. see the tutorials and printables here

 Written in the Stars

easy Christmas wrap ideas for creative kids

Have limited supplies and don't like the idea of getting paints out? This straw star with twine idea is perfect for you. See the tutorial from Splash of Something here.

Roll with It!

DIY creative Christmas gift wrap party pack co

For those who really like to use what you have at home, I love this sticky roller idea. Just stick on some twine, sticky shapes ( you can pick up some sticky foam shapes from Kmart) and boom, you have a unique hybrid stamp/roller paint pattern maker! (phew try saying that 3 times really fast!) See how Handmade Charlotte does it here.

Washi You a Merry Christmas

DIY Christmas warp ideas washi tape

For those kiddies with smaller hands or if you prefer less mess, why not give the kids some washi tape to decorate the plain wrap with? You can make it fun with Christmas themed tape. Or make it chic by keeping the colour scheme clean and simple. See how Almost Perfect creates these shapes using washi tape here.

Gingerbread House

Ginger bread Christmas wrap party pack

Why not let your creative kid loose! Give them the wrapped paper present (Kraft works well for the gingerbread look, but really any block colour for your theme works) then hand them a white pen and off they go! These hand drawn gingerbread house gifts are great. Although, your creative kid could draw anything Christmas related from trees, reindeer, baubles, snowflakes, Santa or even a family portrait. See how artist Alisa Burke creates these here.

Pom Pom Crafter

DIY Christmas wrap idea pom pom

Great for older kids who enjoy some DIY craft, these cardboard pom pom balls are a great activity they can use in other craft projects. Plus Claire goes through the process of accessorising the gift, ideal for creative kids who may have a little designer in them needing some nurturing. Check out Heart Handmade's Paper pom poms here.

Eco Minded Gifter

Fabric gift wrap eco friendly ideas party pack co

    For those who want to forgo using paper and glue of any kind, the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki - using fabric to wrap, is right up your alley. For a bit of history and different ways on how to tie a Furoshiki, head to Invaluable here.

    So there you have it. Which one will you try this Christmas? Let me know, I'd love to see how you went.

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